Best Phillies.

So here we go, my first Phillies post, and it could possibly be my last, seeing how I’m lazy, easily bored, and a huge procrastinator.  But he we go!

Phillies Starters (Keep them or Kick Them)
Chase Utley – Chase is huge part of this team success, although he is in a slump right now.  He hasn’t hit a home run since the all star break, and he continues to have multiple hitless games.  Still, with a strong finish, he could still have a MVP season, given that someone shoots Josh Hamilton.  Chase Utley, Keep him!
Jimmy Rollins – He’s the team MVP, although he is not playing like it right now.  Seriously, I do not like his attitude.  He hasn’t been hustling, and he shows up late to crucial games (against the mets!)  He’s not the hitter he was last year, and his fielding has been sub-par.  He may be the club favorite, but hes not mine.  I say Kick him!
Shane Victorino – I love his hustle, speed, and power, given his tiny status.  Did you see that hit on McCann?  Wow, what a hit!  I love this flyin’ hawaiian!  Keep him, mon!
Ryan Howard – Howard would be the perfect DH, because he can’t field worth a crap.  His average is low, but he makes up for it in RBIs and HRs.  He comes up strong when the Phillies need him.  Keep Him!
Pat Burrell – I LOVE PAT BURRELL!  He was robbed of the all star selection spot.  Keep him. 
Geoff Jenkins – Kick Him and bring in Werth or Taguchi 
Pedro Feliz – Eh, Im indifferent 
Ruiz – sucks.  I love Coste.